I used for the first time to buy a domain name.  The domain name wasn't cheap so I needed some protection which provides.  Signup was easy and they had domain name transfer as a transaction type.  Cool.  Not!

First problem.  I didn't find out until I was half-way into the transaction, and after wasting ten minutes to figure out why I could select my credit card to pay, that credit card payment is possible only if I used their Premium Service to pay which is obvious more expensive than their Standard Service.  Sheesh.

As soon as I solved the first problem by bending over nice and easy, I was asked to print out a web page with two empty boxes.  Instruction said, place your credit card and an ID with my signature on it in the boxes and photocopy the page.  The resulting copy was then to be signed and faxed so as proof of credit card authorization.  Exactly how many people have access to a flatbed copy machine at midnight?  Sheesh #2.

So I taped my credit card and driver license onto the printout and tried to shove it through my copier/fax/printer.  [Crunching Sound]  After a minute of listening to horrific noise, I tore apart the machine and managed to pull the paper and my cards out intact, a miracle of sort.  Using plan B, I called around and found a copymachine at a nearby Safeway.  [Batman Theme]  I got back with the photocopy which I signed and faxed it after coaxing my upset multifunction gizmo into service.

Now what?  Wait for them to verify what I faxed and nudge the transaction along.  Sheesh #3.  I feel stupid because I paid premium fee to be tortured.