Red Sox

This bozo thinks Red Sox has no chance of winning the World Series becaues Red Sox bullpen sucks and Kim Byung-Hyun, a fellow Korean, is weak against Yankees.  Maybe, maybe not.  I have no interest in odds when it comes to sports.  I care about the underdogs primarily because they reward me better when they come up on top.

When Kim was hosed in the last World Series by Yankees, I felt sad.  Here was a kid who came out of Korea and made it to the World Series by making real contributions.  At the height of his young career, he got trampled in front of millions of people.  It must have felt like falling off a cliff.

I don't care if Kim end up repeating what happened last year.  I just want Kim to go up there and do his best, giving every ounce of his being, so there won't be any regrets.  There is a common expression in Korea that fits the occasion, Bae-Chae-Ra, which literally means Cut My Stomach Open as in do what you will but I am not backing down.

The spirit of the expression is exactly what Ghandi did.  Brush aside all worries, fears, and possibilites and just do your part in the most sincere way possible.  Like a climber who is dead tired even before he gets half-way to the summit.  Every step he takes, is another step he must take on his way back.  Any sane man would turn back.  Still the climber goes on putting all his energy and thoughts on putting one foot in front of another.

There is something to admire in that sort of attitude and it's relevant to everyday living.  Too many people worry too much these days.  Uncertainty rattles them into depression which just worsen their life.  To me, worries serve a purpose like warning lights.  Take heed and do what must be done.  If nothing can be done, ignore the flashing lights and keep going.

I predict that Red Sox will win the World Series, not because I have divine knowledge, but because I want them to.  Even if they don't, no sweat.  There is always next year.  Frankly, I feel sorry for the suckers who predict Yankees or San Francisco will win.  I mean, where is the joy in that kind of prediction?  If you like stats so much, go become an accountant.

Go Red Sox!  Woohoo!