DaynaFile Lives!

Going from one memory to another, I was surprised to find many references to DaynaFile by Google.  Ages ago, I was contacted by a company based in Salt Lake City: Dayna Communications.  They needed someone to write system software that enables Macintosh to read PC disks.  What a crazy idea, I thought.

Anyway, I was one of the few guys outside Apple who could write such stuff so I spent a year communiting back and forth.  Why so long?  Well, I had to convince Mac that 5 1/4 inch PC disks were Mac disks and integrate seamlessly with the Finder as well as other Mac applications.  Bridging various differences between DOS and MacFS, particularly Mac's resource fork, was real fun too.

After the product shipped, I ran across some Dayna folks at a MacWorld show demoing the stuff and they told me that, when one of their customers found my name displayed prominently on the boot screen and asked about it, they had to make up a story about Don Park being a code name for the project.  Oops!;-p