Rediscovering Edward Tufte

My thanks goes to Scott Loftesness for his post which helped me rediscover Edward Tufte's wonderful site.  I have Edward's first book which is great but the pages in the Ask E.T. and E.T. Writings sections are even better IMHO.

Beside the preview of Sparklines chapter — a must read, sparklines are basically micrographs which are small enough to be inlined with text, stacked (piled?) for glance-sized pattern analysis, or embedded within another chart – from his upcoming book Beautiful Evidence, I liked this part of his comments about Gantt chart:

The chart might be retrospective as well as prospective. That is, the chart should show actualdates of achieved goals, evidence which will continuously reinforce a reality principle on the mythical future dates of goal achievement.

Reinforce is a big word in UI.  I liked his alternate design as well although I would have used a more color since I think more in terms of computer screens and interaction models instead of print.

A Note to Edward Tufte: Cheaper, normal size edition of your books would be nice.  Web versions would be even better but I guess I am asking for too much.