Bin Laden’s Capture and the Election

Can Bin Laden's capture affect the outcome of the Presidential Election?  I think so.  Korean dictators used to arrange sensational events just prior to the election and they worked.  If Bush can snooker us into invading Iraq with misinformation, influencing the date of his capture should be easy.

Maybe we should start a betting pool on the date of Bin Laden's captured.  I'll pick October 28th.  Why? The moon will be full and people do get more emotional under full moon.

Disclaimer: John Kerry has my endorsement for the next Presidency.  I like the guy and what he stands for.  Only bad thing I could say about him is that he looks like he just swallowed a whole sourdough bread.  Somebody get him some water.


Since there has been attempts to brush aside this post as a looney rant, I felt a clarification was needed.  Here it is.

Suppose it's early October and Bush's election campaign is going pretty badly.  While Bush and his campaign advisers are looking for ways to turn the tide around and someone jokingly say how nice it would be if Osama Bin Laden was captured.  Bush starts showing more interest in the capture of OBL.  It could just be as innocent as asking about OBL more frequently.  Is this illegal?  No, he is just doing his job.

The surge of interest travels down the ranks and reaches those who are in charge of finding OBL and affects how intelligence reports are analyzed and judgements based on those reports are made.  Fast forward past some costly operations and OBL is captured.

Is this a conspiracy?  I don't think so but I think similar events probably took place when Bush became President and showed a strong interest in Iraq.  Are Democrats immune?  Definitely not.  Presidents should be more careful with what they show strong interests in.