What’s is wrong with Technorati?

Before, I thought Technorati was going places and liked the service enough to attend a Technorati developer open house, but I am not sure any more.

They now have over a hundred servers instead of a handful and tracks four million blogs instead of less than a million, but the quality of service seems to have gotten worse over time.  Am I just imagining that Technorati seems slower and results seem less complete and more noisesome than before?  I have no problem with outages, but I am disturbed by the apparent lack of improvement in the performance and quality of their service after all time time and resources they invested.

If they are having problems and need some help from the outside, maybe they should open up and ask for help.  If the last Technorati developer open house meeting was any indication, I am sure they will have no problem finding volunteers who would be glad to donate some time to save an important part of the blogosphere infrastructure.


Just a day after this post, Technorati announced Technorati Hackathon event to gather the Technorati fan/clan.  Way to go, Dave.  Also, the service seems faster and more reliable all of a sudden.  If I was a conspiracy addict, I might have wondered if they were waiting for a fool to post a complaint before turning on some optimizations.  Results are still noisy though with many duplicate items and blogroll links.  They need to work on that.

Anyway, I am happy enough for now although I am perfectly willing to be the whiny cheerleader.