Air Dried

Looks like Ben Hammersley's rebel nature attracted him to UtiliKilt and then threw him overboard (via Dave). Ummm.

On the other hand, I think classic kilts look pretty good and the original great kilts are very practical. Why carry a blanket separately when you can wear it? Just wrap the blanket around you and secure it with a leather belt. Brilliant!

I don't think hanging a heavy metal (I forget what it's called) in front of the crotch makes much sense though, particularly when you don't have any underwear on. Speaking of underwear, I think I would go without any underwear if I wore a kilt. I mean what is the point of wearing a skirt if you are going to wear underwear?

Boot Stick

One way to protect a desktop is to boot from a CD that makes sure critical parts of your system drive has not been compromised before passing control over to it.  The good news is that most desktops these days can do this.  The bad news is that CDs are read-only which means it can't be updated like anti-virus software does.

An alternative is the upcoming bootable USB drives.  When the computer boots up, BIOS passes control to the Boot Stick, a secure bootable USB drive, which checks the hard drive before passing control to the OS loader on it.  With appropriate BIOS support, USB drive can be updated over the Internet to protect against latest threats.

It's a good story so far, but a big problem with Boot Stick is that the BIOS itself is not secure.  While BIOS updates can be password protected, passwords are too frequently not set (do you know what your BIOS password is?) and, even worse, there are ways to bypass BIOS password.  Once compromised, the BIOS can bypass safety measures on USB drives.

So we are back to square one.

Free World

We live in a free world.  Free, not just in what we want to do, but free to take. I guess what Microsoft did with Internet Explorer to erase Netscape can be partially blamed. It's not just you who can afford to destroy, the world said.

Did you know that every single Korean popular song is availble on Pruna, a Korean P2P network compatiable with eDonkey network? That means Korean teeagers have to be rich, stupid, or stuck up to pay to listen to the latest songs. Yeah, it's very helpful to Korean musicians to hear that there is no way to turn back the clock and that they now live in the Free Culture. Who cares if copyright really means anything? Meanwhile misery and torment are supposed to do wonders for creativity.

Oy. Let's burn the house down to keep ourselves warm.

Creep Factor

Creep factor is the extent to which a targeted ad makes a potential customer wary of being monitored.  Usually this happens when an ad appears out of context.  Advertisers mining user activity history for targetted ads will have to watch their creep meter.  Just a thought I had when I read about Google's search history service.

Child Porn and RSS

Is your computer free of child porn?  Are you sure?  While trojans can silently plant child porn in your computer's disk drives, there are far easier paths.  For example, they can get there through RSS feeds, pulled by your favorite news aggregator.  Aggregation feeds are particularly risky.

Shocking?  Not really.  The danger has always been there.  Child porn images may be lurking within any of the web pages out there.  There is no easy way to detect unasked for resources being downloaded silently and invisibly while you are looking at a page.  They usually end up in your browser cache.  Even after the cache is deleted, bits of the images are likely to remain on your disk ready to be used as forensic evidence against you.

What else can they place on your disk drive that can get you into trouble?  Government or industrial secrets for sure.  File this thought under What You See Is Only Part Of What You Got (WYSIOPOWYG?).

New Pope

Although my wife is a catholic and I have the attitude of a Zen Buddhist (all that remains after removing faith and practice from Zen Buddhism), we agreed on one thing: we don't like the new pope much.  I am sure he is a nice guy and all but I don't like his view that other religions are deficient.  Deficient?  In what ways are other religions deficient?

To me, religion is like a cane: you can either lean on it or beat others with it.  Vatican's Enforcer of Faith?  Well, as long as he doesn't swing his cane at me, he won't have to hear my one hand clapping.

Adobe + Macromedia + Longhorn

Adobe applications are built with a proprietary platform-independent application framework to support both Windows and Macintosh.  I've used it in the past to write plugins for various Adobe products and found them very cumbersome to use.

The situation at Macromedia is about the same since they also have to support both platforms.  Both companies' product lines are also littered with products acquired from other companies which are at various stages of integration.

With Adobe's buyout of Macromedia, Adobe ends up with quite a pile of mess to cleanup.  Now factor in Longhorn and .NET migration ahead and I think you get the picture Adobe's engineering executives are looking at.